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What's up with Deborah K. Tash and In Her Image Studio?

Deborah in March 2022/Year Of The Tiger!

Updated In Her Image Studio Business Card

B Box Series/Beta Box

Illuminated Poems Series/Haiku 06AUG21  TASH  c

Illuminated Poems Series/March Haiku 2022 TASH c

Spring Orchid Blooming On A Windowsill

Bye For Now, Deborah!

In Her Image Studio/Mestiza Dreaming...Poetry and art!

Deborah K. Tash/White Wolf Woman

29MAR22 - It's been a busy time since I last posted here on my blog.  Side tracked from my graphic novel, I got caught up in making collaged boxes last year after one of my friends/clients gave me a box of artisanal chocolates.  The chocolates were divine!  Even better still, though, the beautiful black candy box called out to me to make art!  I started buying the candy so that I could get more of the boxes; small, 4 3/4" x 5", with a flip top with a plastic window so that you can see what is inside...initially candy but then art.  Once friends saw the boxes and ate some of the candy, they also gave me candy and boxes.  The series, called B Box Series, captured my inner child love of whimsy and playfulness which I very much needed to get through last year.

I ended up making fourteen of the collaged boxes, giving one away to a friend who suggested that I do one called Boner Box and did so.  It was really fun and definitely erotic art when finished. I also made one called B Box Series/Bellybutton Box with decorated bellybuttons collaged on it and one called B Box Series/Butt Box with men's gorgeous booties collaged on it.  One of the art threads that I was posting on at the time considered both to be pornographic and removed the post after the admin wrote to tell me that she considered it pornography, so I resigned from the thread.  I don't consider either of these pieces pornographic and I don't appreciate censorship.  I suppose the B Box/Boner Box might be considered so which Is why I have not posted it anywhere except here in my blog. 

We are living in such a strange time these days with so much more sexual exploitation yet at the same time sexual repression has increased.  I was shocked by the censorship I encountered but then, who knows, the thread may have originated in a more prudish area.  I continue to be puzzled by the way that younger people consider any sexual references to be an opportunity to call someone a pervert.  I am definitely not a fan of such thinking.  Sex is a healthy expression of life and spirituality as well as art.

B Box Series/Boner Box

So at this point there are thirteen B Boxes left. The B Box Series/Beta Box was the first one. I've posted the front of each box in the Gallery on the B Box Series page. Click on the image of the Beta Box at left to go to the series page and see the front of them all or the button below it to connect to Fine Art America.

Some of the boxes are collaged on the back but I decided to only show the front/inside on my website.  If they appeal to you, you can get prints of them on all kinds of surfaces from strictly prints on paper, canvas or wood to prints on pillows, cell phone covers, shopping bags, puzzles etc. by going to Fine Art America using the button on the left. 

I also decided to update my business card, changing the image on the back, rounding the corners and embossing my logo on the front.

On the poetry front, I got a bit obsessed with writing Haiku this year and recently learned of a form called Haiku Sequence which brings together several Haiku with the same theme into one piece.  I experimented with adding a repeating phrase:



On The Wing

Do you hear its caw

Black winged ally of magic

Flying past in fog

On the wing

Listen to their call

Swooping down past the window

Black wings glistening

On the wing

Feathers in the wind

So many birds sky flying

Dinosaurs evolved

On the wing

Avian songs sound

Their territory warnings

Bringing joy to life

On the wing

Robin red breast sings

Sitting alone on a limb

Harbinger of spring

On the wing

Ravens on the roof

Gather round open chimney

Making themselves known

On the wing

Sitting on a branch

A respite from deep sadness

Held in tree’s embrace

On the wing

Fat little brown bird

Alights on the fire escape

Sweetness in sunlight

On the wing

Chimney melody

Ravens landing on the roof

Distant thunder sounds

On the wing

Ravens soar past Look!

Spring air aloft beneath wings

Black feathers and wind

13MAR22 TASH © 

I have been actively involved in a poetry critiquing group called Poets Of The Vineyard where I have been learning about poetry forms.  The critiquing of poems has taught me so much and allowed me to not only learn new forms to experiment with and explore but also how to tighten up my writing and make my poetry even more expressive.  One of the members of the group, Ken Peterson, wrote a book called Not Your Teacher's Haiku, which filled in my understanding of Haiku.  An excellent book. 

I have also begun working on a series of paintings which include my Haiku.  My lifelong love of iris has sparked the most recent one in the series, illuminated Poems Series/March Haiku.  They will be included in my Illuminated Poems Series.

So thank you for reading my blog!  Spring is here and who knows what will come next in the Year Of The Tiger?

Deborah in 2021


ARISE Gallery Show November 2019 through January 2020 - Soft  Power/Reclaiming The Sacred Cunt Project
      Singles Series/Walking The                         Labyrinth

TASH c  2021

Singles Series/Flying High

TASH c 2021

The Gods In The Mirror Series

Warm Up Study

TASH c  2021

          Masks Of The Gods Series/                 Wing Warm Up Study                         TA​SH c  2021

Masks Of The Gods Series/

Chapter Heading/Deborah

TASH  c  2021

In Her Image Studio/Mestiza Dreaming...Beginning the process of illustrating my graphic novel!

Deborah K. Tash/White Wolf Woman

27JUN21 - So many things have happened since my last post in March!   I did the Art Transmission Course again, committing to begin the process of creating illustrations for The Gods In The Mirror.  I completed two pieces for chapter headings; The Goddess and Deborah, both characters in the story line.  I was terrified until I realized that I didn't have to reinvent the wheel and that illustration was simply an expansion of the work that I have been exploring in the last year with my Mestiza Moon Shields.  The class ended with a show at Fable Jones Studio in New York City.  I had prints made of the two pieces and shipped them there.  It was a challenge to not be the curator and not see the prints beforehand but all worked out beautifully.  Rafael Martinez, who was the coach and curator of the Art Transmission Course did a great job, both with the program which coaches artists to face their fears and learn to express their feelings in their work and setting up the show which aired live on Facebook.

My readers have given me their feedback on the actual written script for The Gods And The Mirror/An Erotic Adventure Tale Of Spiritual Transformation with excellent comments for editing which I have taken and done. One of my readers, who works in the film industry commented that the book is cinematic, suggesting that I consider making a movie of it.  I have thought about it becoming an animated film, so I was very encouraged by his suggestion.  First I have to finish illustrating it!

Now I'm working on an outline to decide how to create the comic book panels, as well as chapter heading illustrations.  A new frontier for me!  One of my friends who works at Expedition on Pier 39 described a line of leather bound journals that the store has begun to sell and I got so excited by his description that I just had to have one as the prototype for the project.  The dark leather is beautiful with embossing on the front and back, as well as a row of gems for the seven chakras embedded on the front cover.  The paper is thick and will be perfect for both ink and paint.  It reminds me of a cowboy book of shadows; a large format! 

Working with the characters, I realized that I wanted to have them be multiracial.  I have done pieces for the Black Madonna in the past and decided that the Goddess character in the novel should be a strong black woman.  The two protagonists, Deborah and Dancer, are Native American and White respectively.  I am looking forward to working these themes into the illustrations starting with the Goddess pictured below.

The Gods In The Mirror Series/Chapter Heading The Goddess

TASH  c  2021

Besides being in the Art Transmission Course, I also have been submitting both poetry and art in several venues.  My poem, Bruja Halfbreed and painting, In The Shadow Of Childhood, have been included in an anthology produced by WriteNow! titled Essential Truths/The Bay Area In Color.  There will be a Zoom book launch on June 29, 2021.  I also submitted three poems to The Dancing Poetry Society and one of them, Through You, has won a Grand Prize and will be translated into a dance routine for the September performance at the Legion Of Honor theater.  I will keep you all posted more about that.  Then I will also have a poem, An Ode To Green, published in another Eber And Wein anthology. 

And lastly, the video slideshow from the last show for Soft Power/Reclaiming The Sacred Cunt Project which went from November 2019 to January 2020 is completed!  You can see it above at the beginning of this blog post.



The Golden Mean Project/Table Commission  TASH c


The Shallows Series/Shallows X



Journal Sketches and Hidden Voices Series/She Dreams



          Masks Of The Gods Series/                          Poseidon

                           TA​SH c


Masks Of The Gods Series/

Alien Mask



The Shallows Series/Vessel V



In Her Image Studio/Mestiza Dreaming...Thoughts On Art Destroyed And Stolen...

Deborah K. Tash/White Wolf Woman

18MAR21 - As I continue to clear trauma in co-counseling sessions I am finding that the loss of pieces of my art due to theft and destruction actually created trauma and grief that I am still feeling the effect of in my life.  Making art is such an intimate and challenging process.  It demands that the artist face that blank page; confronting internal struggles and feelings of insecurity in order to honestly express their inner landscape and be willing to expose that inner reality to public scrutiny.  So, it is like losing a part of oneself to have one's art destroyed or stolen. 

I awoke in the middle of the night last night in an anxiety attack that lasted for an hour.  It started because I was thinking of including the detail of The Golden Mean Project painting (the original was destroyed) that I have used to create prints in the past, here on my website and making future prints available on my Fine Art America site, as well.  It continued with feelings of grief about all of the art that was stolen from me in 2014 when I was using Public Storage to store my work.  I had three storage units at the time and two of them were vandalized, one twice.  The thieves literally kicked in the rolling metal doors and took many of my best works.  So, I am writing this as a way to be with the grief and anxiety which I have tried to ignore in the past. 

I painted the Golden Mean Project piece on a table as a commission several years ago.   The person who commissioned it, after a couple of years, spitefully decided to have the painting destroyed by having someone else paint over it.  Because of unrelated disagreements, I was not consulted or even told that it was being done.  I found out accidentally and was heartbroken by the incident. 

For all of you who read this who are also artists, you need to know that this was an illegal act.  If this happens to you there are laws against people vandalizing, deliberately damaging, destroying or altering your work even after purchase or paid commission.  I could have taken legal action against the persons involved but after researching the legal ramifications and considering the emotional costs it would entail, I decided that I was not willing to expend the energy and or get involved in the bad blood to pursue it.   Let Kharma take its toll.

The Golden Mean Project/DETAIL Table Commission TASH  c

Then there was the burglary.  The main unit that was broken into was set up so that all the art was boxed, labelled and with a picture on the front sitting on shelves for easy access when someone purchased a piece.   My suspicion was that the thieves looked through the metal mesh covering the top of the unit and saw what was stored in it.  That unit was the one that was broken into twice.   Public Storage never took any precautions even though I was not the only one who was robbed.  No video surveillance or anything else was ever put in place.  It was such a bummer. 

I had to find a new studio and get my things out of Public Storage which took a couple of years.  When I was offered a space in the basement of the herchurch building here in San Francisco, I was overjoyed.  I continue to make art and will work through any of the residual emotional trauma now that it is so evident. 

When it first happened, people asked me all the time if I knew who had done it.  They wanted to know so many things about who and why and when.  These were all questions I had no answers for myself.  One friend said that at least the thieves had good taste since they stole my art.  Sigh.  Not quite compensation enough.  Some folks suggested that I should remake all the pieces that were stolen.  Not something I would have the heart to do, especially since I want each piece I make to be original and individual.  In the long run I hope to resolve the feelings of loss and allow my new work to compensate for the losses.  I certainly won't stop making art and my hope is that as I alchemize the emotional fallout it will enrich my new work. 

That's me in a Selfie from 2020!  Keep On Trucking!

Totem Series/Mestiza Moon Shield I  2021    TASH c

Totem Series/Mestiza Moon Shield II 2021 TASH c

Totem Series/Mestiza Moon Shield III 2021 TASH c

Totem Series/Mestiza Moon Shield IV 2021 TASH c

   Totem Series/In The Shadow Of

            Childhood   TASH   c

In Her Image Studio/Mestiza Dreaming...Creating New Connections To My Heritage In My Art.

Deborah K. Tash/White Wolf Woman

16MAR21 - In the last three months I got a bit obsessed with the Mestiza Moon Shields and painted four of them.  Starting out with an image that I've carried with me for many years which translated into Totem Series/In The Shadow Of Childhood.   Since I haven't been to my studio for a while, I have been experimenting with watercolor pencils combined with pen and ink drawing, pencil and collage.  I love collage and continue to explore how to be even more creative with images both from magazines and that I print out.  There will be at least one more Mestiza Moon Shield for White Wolf and perhaps more after that.  I am just allowing the process of the Totem series to unfold and for guidance from my Muse and my spirit guides.  And looking forward to working in studio again with my mask paintings.

In other news, I entered submissions in two anthologies and one datebook; both visual art and poetry.  One of the anthologies for Write Now! Essential Truths: The Bay Area In Color accepted my poem, Bruja Halfbreed, and my mixed media watercolor painting, In The Shadow Of Childhood, in that publication.  I will be taking part in a reading of the poem at the San Francisco Public Library in June of this year!

I am also signing up for another round of Rafael Martinez's Art Transmission Course.  I originally took the course in 2017 with the intention of learning to convey sensuality and sexual energy in my painting.  The piece that I completed for the course was a stretch and I am not sure that it actually accomplished what I set out to do but I am still pleased with it as a start.  Titled, Awaken To The Goddess Series/She Is Here, it was a new level of working with painting and collage together.

Awaken To The Goddess Series/She Is Here  2017  TASH  c

I'm looking forward to this next month long course to explore the art for my graphic novel: The Gods In The Mirror/An Erotic Adventure Tale Of Spiritual Transformation.  You can read a preview of the writing for the graphic novel in Writing here on this website.  Because this is my first effort at illustrating a graphic novel, I have much to explore and learn about illustration, setup and creating a graphic novel format.  A real challenge!

Here is the poem that will be included in the anthology:

Bruja Halfbreed

I have never tried to pass for white

Submerged in the confusion of assimilation

As my mother impugned

“Don’t tell people you are Mexican!”

Her pride that people joked about me as a child

“Where’d you steal the big Swede from?”

Her black black hair in contrast

To my blonde blonde curls

Bruja Halfbreed

When Swedes and Norwegians spoke to me

Their language incomprehensible

I always explained my heritage

Claiming my otherness

Not like my mother who told people

She was Italian rather than Mexican

While demanding I learn Spanish

Because Abuela refused to speak English

Bruja Halfbreed

I never tried to pass for white

Though others assumed me to be

I coped by thinking myself incognito

But always spoke up to claim my heritage

Bearing the legacy of my mother’s self-hatred

In never feeling good enough

Not just because of polio and sexual abuse

But also because I always felt an outsider

Bruja Halfbreed

I searched for a way to answer my blood

The reverberations of the land calling

Echoing in the ways of the natives of the plains

And once again assumed to be a white woman

When I went to powwow and gatherings

Still I claimed myself Mestiza

Determined to claim all of my heritage

Regardless of blue eyes, fair skin, blonde hair

Bruja Halfbreed

Such a disappointment to my mother

Schooled in internalized racism

Purify the race by marrying a white man

While I longed to understand my blood

Dancing beneath the moon in a staghorn circle

Teasing her because my brother looked like Cochise

Refusing to fully assimilate and pass for white

Though others assumed I was

Bruja Halfbreed

Now I write at 2:30 in the dark of night

Unable to sleep because once again

I am accused of passing for white

And my soul demands I take note

To set the record straight

That I am a Bruja Halfbreed

And my blood roars in protest

To claim all that I am

10DEC20 TASH ©

In Her Image Studio/What Will 2021 Bring?  Mestiza Dreaming...

Deborah K. Tash/White Wolf Woman

05DEC20 - I hope this blog post finds you continuing to weather all the change and destabilization of our times to find renewal for your life.  I am looking forward to the coming great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius that will occur at the end of December.  Many of the deeply challenging planetary positions and aspects of the last several months have ended and 2021 is predicted to be a time of beneficial beginnings.  I am encouraged by the election of Joe Biden and especially Kamala Harris, with an increase in awareness of the need for racial equality not only for Black Americans, Asian Americans, but also for indigenous Native Americans and an end to sexism, the end of the fires in Northern California, the production of a vaccine for Covid-19 and a general feeling of relief.  Admittedly there are still many challenging conditions in our country and worldwide, both around the pandemic and economic issues, but I continue to be hopeful for the spiritual   evolution of humanity as we move further into the Age Of Aquarius.

In my own personal journey I have been discovering more about my identity as an artist and a Mestiza.   I started doing research for a new painting titled, In The Shadow Of Childhood.  The piece will feature a blonde girl child holding a candle wearing a pink dress and white ruffled apron and dark brown orthopedic shoes with a leg brace attached to the right one.   I have been exploring how to deal with my continuing disability as a result of childhood polio in a series called the Leg Project, but it has been on hold with all of the SIP issues and not being in studio.  This piece will address more of my interactions with shadow aspects.  In the background to the right will be a Yaqui Indian inspired mask, possibly a Deer Dancer mask and on the left in the background will be a shrieking shadow of a black jaguar, not a black panther of Africa. 

I started looking for images of both black panthers roaring, and feeling guided, decided to look for images of Yaqui masks as well.  I didn't expect to find any as I was ignorant of Yaqui ritual culture.  Imagine my surprise when I found hundreds of images including Deer Dancer mask images during my internet search!  Because I was raised to be assimilated with an inculcation of internalized racism (which I have only recently begun to fully uncover and deal with) I had no idea of the richness of this part of my heritage.  My mother carried her internalized racism out front; telling me as a child that she was taught to "purify" the race by marrying someone of European descent.  My father (with his English, Irish, Scots ancestry) and I were the only people in our families with blonde hair and blue eyes.  She warned me not to tell people I was Mexican.  And, she was openly racist about Native Americans either from the US or Mexico. 

My internet research uncovered some startling information.  The proud Yaqui heritage of that indigenous native people who populated the land named Sonora and parts of Durango in Mexico has opened new questions for me about my identity.  The legacy of mask making sheds light on my work as a mask maker.  And are these people possibly my ancestors?  My grandparents both looked like images of the Yaqui I was finding in my online search.  My maternal grandparents were from Mexico; my abuela from Sonora and my abuelo from Durango.

I will definitely be doing more research into all this, working with my guides for deeper understanding and allowing my art to be even more of a blend of my dual heritage of Celtic and Yaqui influence.  I look forward to getting a 23 AND ME ancestry test in the near future.  And I plan on rereading all of the Carlos Castaneda books which have sat on my shelf for nearly forty years. 

I still haven't been to the In Her Image Studio/Art Grotto in quite a while, due mostly to the state of my back and legs, but plan on returning in the near future.  I have continued with my daily writing practice and have become a member of a writer's group called The Writer's Life having just submitted poems and art for the upcoming Spring anthology for the group.  I also continue to be a member of  Story At Home; reading both stories and poetry.  I have been loving continuing to be part of the community as we meet bi-monthly on Thursday evenings via Zoom.  And I look forward to continuing to participate in the Zoom meetings of Sacred Grounds more regularly as a forum for reading my poetry, as well.

I am continuing to make art and work on getting my books published. Harvesting The Moon is now available on!   The fourth book, Soft Power/Reclaiming The Sacred Cunt Project, is on my publishers work bench and hopefully will be out and available in the near future.  I'm excited to share the Soft Power book with the world! Soon, so stay tuned!  Here is a new poem for today:

Daughter Of A Deer Hunter

The jaguar’s purr stirs in my blood

I feel the incendiary nature of my cells

In their dance of mingling biologies

Spirits of Celtic warriors and Yaqui ancestors

Shamans of conquered lands

Across oceans and distances

Whisper secrets in my mixed heritage

Defining my otherness for me

Giving me the missing parts

To solve the puzzle of my identity

Because I had no other guidance

Isolated in a family of insanity without adults

After my father had gone

05DEC20 TASH ©

Now that www.inherimagestudio is published and online, I am loving this fresh start.

Thank you for your support and reading my blog. I hope you are finding solace and creativity in your life during these transitional times!

                            Illuminated Poems Series/Mestiza Dreaming  TASH  c

In Her Image Studio/Productive In The Midst Of Crisis In 2020

Deborah K. Tash/White Wolf Woman

22OCT20 - I hope this blog post finds you weathering all the crazy of our times. I had to have a tooth pulled recently and the day of the surgery was the day of the orange/red sky! Boy, wasn't that a day like out of an apocalyptic dystopian science fiction novel?! I could hardly believe my eyes sitting outside of the UCSF Dental Clinic after the surgery waiting for a friend who was giving me a ride home.

I still haven't been to the In Her Image Studio/Art Grotto in quite a while, due mostly to the state of my back and legs, but plan on returning in the near future. This week I wrote a five minute erotica short story titled, Into The Dark, which I read for Thursday's Story At Home. I have been loving continuing to be part of the community as we meet bi-monthly on Thursday evenings via Zoom and participating in the Zoom meetings of Sacred Grounds has given me a regular forum for reading my poetry.

I am continuing to make art and work on getting my books published. My publisher is almost done with the work on the third book, Harvesting The Moon. I have also written another essay to add in to the fourth book, Soft Power/Reclaiming The Sacred Cunt Project, which will also have a new poem and painting, as well. I'm excited to share the Soft Power book with the world! Soon, so stay tuned!

I am working on this website and hope to publish it in the very near future for In Her Image Studio.  A fresh start.

Thank you for your support and reading my blog. I hope you are finding solace and creativity in your life during these bizarre times!

Here is a new collage piece completed recently:

For more new work go to NEW WORK in the GALLERY.

             Illuminated Poems Series/Out Of The Rubble  22AUG20  TASH  c

After Curating The March 1, 2020


Deborah K. Tash/White Wolf Woman

08MAY20 - Hello, hello, hello from Sheltered In Place land, San Francisco! The show at ARISE GALLERY on Sunday, March 1st which I curated for Elaine Chan Scherer was the last show at the gallery before the Shelter In Place took effect.  It has been many weeks now since I was last in my studio at herchurch, not only because of the SIP but also because I didn't want to be the only one in that huge building while Stacy was on vacation in Africa. Once she finally got back home after a bit of a perilous journey with threats of quarantine etc. I realized that I still needed to limit the amount of stair climbing I was doing until I could get back to regular weekly therapy sessions for my back and legs. Going to the studio requires going up and down five flights of stairs total twice for each visit, so I am being self-nurturing instead. I look forward to returning to the drawing board and painting easel in the near future.

In the meantime, after working on it for 14 years, I have finally finished writing the story of my graphic novel, The Gods In The Mirror/An Erotic Adventure Tale Of Spiritual Transformation and am working on editing and tightening up the writing in preparation for beginning the drawings and "comic book" cells and illustration when I do return to the studio. It has been quite an odyssey learning how to move a graphic novel story forward without using violence which is a standard way to move plots forward in comic books! I got stuck several times and had to put the writing aside until I could figure out the plot development. Instead of violence I used erotica. I wrote in restaurants and in the last couple of years did a lot of the writing sitting in ARISE GALLERY waiting for patrons to arrive. The silver lining of SIP for me has been the time to first mellow out and then get to the projects that I haven't had the time and focus to complete! I have a select group of friends reading the galley proof and am waiting to hear back from them all for feedback. So far, it's been very well received.

              The Gods In The Mirror/Monolith Study 04APR14   TASH  c

The other exciting news is that when I was working with my friend and IT guy, David, to take care of the formatting of the finished writing for the graphic novel, he told me that he and his wife have a publishing company now...Fumbled Book Press...and that they could publish my books. We came up with a plan and so far, Inspired By The Tides is now a published coffee table book and for sale on

I have had a dream of having all of my chapbooks, which I have compiled for several years and saved in my files, all published and available on I have always loved going there and finding groups of books by one author all available and lined up by covers, so I am especially pleased to be in the process now of setting up each of mine as art books, coffee table books and books of poetry. The process is both engaging and creative. I had no idea setting up a book and then working with a publisher could be so much fun.

With encouragement from friends, I made the second book from Voice Of The Poet In Troubled Times postings on my monthly newsletter with added photos and poems.  The third book, Harvesting The Moon is in the process of being published.  It is an expansion of one of the first chapbooks I made in the mid-2000s.  Then on to the fourth book: Soft Power/Reclaiming The Sacred Cunt Project which will have my story, a new essay, poem and painting with other expanded art and poetry, as well.  Fifth is Journal Sketches And Hidden Voices. Which as it turns out is a very large coffee table book with sixty plus pages. I am currently working on another art book for Illuminated Poems; number six, then on to the poetry books. All will be published in due time, so stay tuned!

What's New At In Her Image Studio?  Gearing Up For 2020!

Deborah K. Tash/White Wolf Woman