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Curriculum Vitae


​​​​​White Wolf Woman


AA Degree in Art/Shasta Community College


Principal Owner of Cloudscape Design Mural Company

Various Mural and Painting Commissions


Designer Showcase Commission

Port Of Oakland Commission


SF ArtSpan Open Studios Show 2000 at In Her Image Studio


ARTworkSF-One Night Stand Group show 2002


UCSF ARTshow-Group Show Millberry 2004


ARTworkSF-Polarity Post 2005


Opened In Her Image Studio


In Her Image Studio Show 2007


ARTworkSF-Bayshore ARTSoup #16 08JUL2008

ARTworkSF-One Night Stand 2008

UCSF ARTshow-Group Show Millberry 2008

SF ArtSpan Open Studios Show 2008 at In Her Image Studio


ARTworkSF-Squat & Gobble #2 Haight Street installation 07JAN2009

ARTworkSF-Squat & Gobble Fillmore Street installation 08APR2009

ARTworkSF-ARTSoup Encore 15DEC2009

UCSF ARTshow-Group Show Millberry 2009

UCSF ARTshow-Group Show Mission Bay 2009

SF ArtSpan Open Studios Show 2009 at Modern Gallery


ARTworkSF-Crepe House installation 08SEP2010

UCSF ARTshow-Group Show Millberry 2010

UCSF ARTshow-Group Show Mission Bay 2010

McKinley Art Solutions-Serenity 13OCT10-11JAN11


ARTworkSF-Squat & Gobble Castro 06JAN2011

UCSF ARTshow-Group Show Millberry

UCSF ARTshow-Group Show Mission Bay

McKinley Art Solutions-Serenity Fall 2011


Urban Legend Cellars February Art Murmur 2013

In Her Image Studio Garden Show 2013


Curator of AWE Gallery SF

Shamanic Invocation Of The Sacred Feminine Solo Show AWE Gallery-SEP 2014

HerFestival Goddess Harvest Fall Show AWE Gallery-2014


Curator of AWE Gallery SF

OneTaste Solo Show 18AUG15

GoddessSpiritRising AWE Gallery-Fall 2015

HerFestival Goddess Harvest Fall Show AWE Gallery-2015


Curator of ANEW Gallery SF (AWE Gallery renamed)

Retrospective AWE Gallery-The Art of Deborah K. Tash April-June 2016

Castro Street ART SAVES LIVES Studio and Gallery-Group Show 14FEB16

Castro Street ART SAVES LIVES Studio and Gallery-Group Show 06MAY16

Women’s Finery-The Art Of Fiber ANEW Gallery 06JUL2016

HerFestival Goddess Harvest Fall Show AWE Gallery-2016


Curator of ARISE Gallery (ANEW Gallery renamed)

A Soul Collage Ritual Space Show ARISE Gallery-01FEB17

Resurrected Goddess Show ARISE Gallery-01MAY17

Stones and Bones Show ARISE Gallery-17SEP17

HerFestival Goddess Harvest Fall Show ARISE Gallery-2017


Curator of ARISE Gallery

Verve Wellness Studio Show 2018

HerFestival Goddess Harvest Fall Show ARISE Gallery-2018


Curator of ARISE Gallery

SF ArtSpan Open Studios Show 2019 at ARISE Gallery SF

Reclaiming The Sacred Cunt Project Show ARISE Gallery 02OCT19


Curator Of ARISE Gallery ‘til closure due to Covid-19 lock down


Inspired By The Tides

Voice Of The Poet In Troubled Times

Harvesting The Moon

Soft Power/Reclaiming The Sacred Cunt Project


Art published in Write Now! SF Essential Truths/The Bay Area In Color 2021:

Totem Series/In The Shadow Of Childhood

Artist Bio

Born in 1949 in Oakland, California and raised in Alameda from the age of ten, I was shaped by both a dual heritage and a childhood marked by polio. Both of these influences contributed to my preoccupation with solitary activities. Daydreaming, reading, writing poetry and art making were augmented by telepathic conversations with the screech owls that lived in the 100 foot Eucalyptus tree that grew in my backyard and was also my best friend in childhood. These early Shamanic/psychic experiences led me out of organized religion and into the pagan community in my early twenties where I became a dedicated worshiper of the Goddess and the Divine Feminine. As a Mestiza and native of the Northern California Bay Area, I have explored the Mexican/Yaqui half of my heritage from my mother’s line, working with the TonantzinGuadalupe theme, as well as exploring it in my poetry and my father's English/Irish/Scottish line which includes strong Celtic influences.



The impulse to make art began with a love of paper dolls and experimenting with writing and penmanship. At eight I began to write short stories and poetry as a member of the Aunt Elsie Club. By the age of eighteen drawing and painting invisible faces became an entry point for more fully exploring visual art. At twenty-five I attended Shasta Community College in Redding, CA with visual art as a major. After returning to San Francisco in the late 1970’s and subsequently moving back to Oakland, I founded Cloudscape Design mural company, offering interior murals tailored to the psychic profiles of my clients. One of my commissioned pieces for the 1982 Designer Showcase was included in an article for a design magazine popular in the 1980’s. In that same time period I also completed a commissioned piece for the Port of Oakland’s conference room as well as many commissioned pieces for private collectors.

The intervening years as a Wiccan, massage therapist/body worker and Shamanic/psychic healer helped to shape my work to my current interests in the spiritual unfolding into the physical. As a resident of San Francisco for over twenty five years I have continued to develop working in mask making and drawing, as well as experimenting with adding my poetry into my paintings and assemblages. I have also continued my study of ceramics since 2007 and have explored the introduction of ceramic objects into my paintings, as well.



As a member of the Cosmic Cowgirls/Red Thread online community I participated in three cycles of poetry and art making in Raven and Rose, Marked By The Muse and Author Your Future. And as a published poet have four books available on and  Inspired By The Tides, Voice Of The Poet In Troubled Times and, most recently, Harvesting The Moon and Soft Power/Reclaiming The Sacred Cunt Project as well as having poems included in three anthologies; two volumes of San Francisco Peace and Hope Journal and This Time Around 2014 Eber and Wein Publication. In 2018 I also received a third prize in the 25th Annual Dancing Poetry Festival and in 2021 won Grand Prize in the 28th Annual Dancing Poetry Festival, as well.


Deborah Tash

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